Neelum Valley Tour Guide:


About 240 km long picturesque deeply forested, dipped in beauty Neelum Valley is located to the north and northeast of Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The Valley runs parallel to Kaghan Valley, only snow-covered peaks separate both valleys. Neelum Valley represents excellent scenery, panoramic views, springs, waterfalls, enchanting streams, flowering trees and plants, towering green-hills, fast flowing noisy river, lush green forests, and attractive surroundings.

To escape hot plains during May to October Neelum Valley is best place to enjoy endurable temperature which remains in between 18°C to 30°C. Snow fall starts in upper areas in November usually. Newly constructed road runs halfway up the valley, and a 4WD track continues for much of the rest. From Muzaffarabad Buses and Wagons go to Athmaqam (least recognized town in valley), and passenger 4WDs go till Kel.

How to get there:

Via Jalkhad – Kaghan Valley

Gigantic snow-capped mountains separate Kaghan and Neelum Valley. Nuri (Pass), Ratti Gali and many minor Passes makes way to get in Neelum valley through Kaghan.

Muzaffarabad – Kaghan (104 Kms), Naraan (128 Kms), Julkhad (173 Kms), Noori Top (192 Kms), Sharda (228 Kms), Kel (251 Kms), Taobutt (340Kms)


Via Rawalpindi – Muzaffarabad

A newly built road makes approach easy to one of the most beautiful valley of Azad Kashmir. The road is built upto Dowarian whereas remaining part is yet to built. Roaring Neelum river runs parallel to road throughout the valley, makes scenic views with lush green mountains on both sides.

Rawalpindi – Muzaffarabad (138 kms), Muzaffarabad – Athmuqam (84 Kms), Jagran(100 Kms, a road goes up towards jagran from Kundal Shahi), Keran (93 Kms), Sharda (140 Kms), Kel (160 Kms), Taobutt (221 Kms)

A regular bus and wagon service from Muzaffarabad to Kel is available. Couple of Air conditioned coaches served in a day. Road upto Dowarian is well and can be accessed by 800 CC cars but remaining journey needs four wheel vehicle.

What to do:


Patika a sagging town at the gateway of Neelum Valley. It is pretty suitable for the first journey break towards valley. The town has a modest bazaar with day-to-day activity provided with essential items. Water falls, running streams, water channels across the Patika village present a beautiful scene. The rhythmic flow of milky-white waterfalls and calm atmosphere covered into lush green fields absorbs the visitors.


Kundal Shahi:

After 74 kilometers drive from Muzzaffarabad, Kundal Shahi appears nearby Authmuqam. After 74 kilometers drive from Muzzaffarabad, Kundal Shahi appears nearby Authmuqam. A market with all necessary commodities for daily life. Jagran Valley can be reached from here.



10 kilometers away from Kundal Shahi a road going west follows the Jagran Nallah mounts up to Kutton. AJK Tourism department has developed rest houses in very economical rents. Fisher department has several hatcheries for trout production. Heavy snow followed by extremely cold breeze in winter whereas it remained cool and charming in summer season.



Jagran Nallah (stream) has vital role in the founding of its landscape beauty and charm which reveals the richness of the valley. Jagran Nallah’s water adding unusual character on the side lane of a Tourists Resort, while rushing downwards all the way apparently looking a small river. Under the shades of the mighty snow-clad mountains the river is freezing cold. The melting snow of these sky heights beautifies into Jagran Nallah which is also known for trout fishing. The melting snow of these sky heights beautifies into Jagran Nallah which is also known for trout fishing.



Athmuqam or Athmakam is a small town at a height of 1371 meters, about 84 kilometres from Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It is the headquarters of Neelum Valley with population of 20,000 folks. 8th station from Muzaffarabad to upper valley is the reason of its unique name Athmuqam.

Public transport like buses, wagons and jeeps are available from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam every 30 minutes. Athmuqam sub-divisional headquarters of valley places. The town fulfills necessities of life having bazaars, post offices, banks, hospitals, and telephone exchanges.

Many river-facing rest house and hotel make Authmuqam a perfect place for visitors. Some of them are being taken care by the Public Works Department. At one side of Neelum River is Athmaqam town and other side villages occupied by India.

Located in a cup like valley, Athmuqam is surrounded by lush green mountains and forests with deodar, pine, cheer and fir trees. Two hiking tracks, from Rawta leads to Guther and the other toward Dogga top.

Walnut and Apple are best production of Athmuqam and are supplied to other parts of Kashmir and Pakistan. Maize is the major crop of this area and vegetables are also cultivated in a limited way for personal usage. Water requirements are fulfilled by frequent natural springs.



A fascinating scenery at a distance of 9 Km from Athmuqam is known as Keran. It is located at the right bank of river profound in fruit and wildlife. Keran sector is another beautiful spot on the river side with comparatively better facilitated rest house. AJK tourism department has a beautiful rest house on the edge of the river is now sub-contracted to private sector resulting high rates of accommodation and food. The main attraction for this place is that Indian-occupied Kashmir is visible on the other side of the river. Military bridge is cool and calm after a cease-fire, making the spot finest place throughout the valley to spending a night.


Neelum Village:

Upper Neelum or Neelum Village is located at a distance of about two and a half kms from Keran. A link road going up-hills leads to Neelum village which is one of the beautiful villages of Neelum Valley. This panoramic lush green village, profound in wild fruit and wildlife, attracts the tourists from every nook & corner of the country. A zoo and park is under construction. Another remarkable feature of the spot is that one can view the entire area of occupied Kashmir. Owing to its tourist attraction AJK Tourism Department has launched a development project to develop resorts in both the Upper and Lower Neelum village.

neelum village


Dowarian is situated about 13 kilometers from Neelum village at an altitude of 1615 meters. It is surrounded by mountains full of pine trees. About 30 km from here, a track goes deep inside Ratti gali Pass, which connects Neeum and Kaghan Valleys. A high alpine lake (4000m), Ratti gali Lake, also exists near this pass. To get there you need to track or hire mules for the journey. The pride of valley is the large fresh water lake nestled in the mountains. Vast plain is surrounded by the small yet beautiful lake and gushing water. There is a Forest Rest House on the top of the hill and an Angler’s Hut.

dowarian (1)