Connect the Community of Neelum Valley

Connect the Community of Neelum Valley

Community of Neelum Valley

Neelum is an excellent destination for trekking and hill walking. There are a number of trekking routes all along the valley. Brief descriptions of some famous trekking routes are given in trekking section. Jagran -baboon ,Dewarian- Rati Ghal, Surgan Gumut, Noori narr, Kel-Arrangkel, Shounthr-Chitta Katha, Shounthar -store and Taobutt- Kamri Pass are ideal base camps trekking and outings. There are also good opportunities for those interested in more leisurely day trips, hill walking or nature study walks.

Due to lake of information about the tourism peoples are not able to visit Neelum, this time we are working to provide the information to our visitor on the spot.

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