Local Culture in Kashmir


Men of these valleys wear normal Shalwar Kameez and so does the women. The men mostly wear a weskit because in summers also the weather there is pleasant and cool and when we talk about winters the sweaters and the normal jackets comes into play. Women also wear the Shalwar Kameez and you won’t see a single lady wearing a tight jeans or t-shirt. Women of these valley like to cover their faces aswell and mostly all of them wear a Burka or if not this than cover themselves with duppata and hence the


The official language which is spoken in this valley is Urdu because it can be understood by mostly anyone in the valley so that’s the sole reason for it. The local mix of people including Kashmiris speaks their own local languages Kashmiri or Pahari or Hindko. The few of the people living there also follow Punjabi and Pashto aswell because some Punjabi’s and Pathan’s are also doing their business in the valley.



People of this valley make good handicrafts aswell which include Carpet, Namda, Gubba. They are also famous for their Silk Woolen Clothing. People also make Woolen shawls. Besides all these they are also good at Wood Carving and in making Rugs


Local dishes

The area is famous for its dishes like Gushtaba. The Kashmiri people love this food and are their most favorite. People eat rice a lot. They don’t consider a luch or a meal with not having rice. Tabak Maaz is also quite eaten in this valley and  the preparation of which is considered an art and a point of pride in Kashmiri culture.

 The valley is no doubt a great place to visit specially with frends and family and in that way can enjoy the beautiful places and the nature aswell as can enjoy the local dishes and the fruits that can be found there. It can be a really good summer outing location where one can spend his vacations to relax and enjoy the wild thick forest and in that way being close to the nature.

Sajjad Sarwar

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