Kashmiri Kahwa Recipe:

Kashmiri green tea – 4 tspns
saffron –  4 pinches
cardamoms – 2, slightly crushed
Almonds, blanched and chopped – 8
cinnamon –  1 stick
cloves – 2
sugar – 2 tspns
Boil 3 cups of water along with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves and pour over the tea.
Leave to infuse over a very low flame.
Meanwhile, dissolve saffron in a little water by rubbing it gently.
Strain the tea and add the saffron liquid together with almonds.
  • It is caffeine free.
  • It is a fat burner and digestive drink that improves concentration and fights stress.
  • This drink energizes and has a warming effect. It is particularly beneficial to drink Kahwa in the cold winter night.
  • It helps to relieve headache and maintain fluid level in the body.
  • Green tea is an excellent anti-oxidant.
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Kashmiri Kahwa Recipe
Kashmiri Kahwa Recipe
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