Halmat Neelum Valley is one of the beautiful village in Neelum Valley, it started after end of Shundas Village due to vast area it is covering maximum area of the villages…. This Village is the most facilitated after Kel, A Inter College is there in Halmat which produce the Dozens of Scholars who are working the most uper posts of the Pakistan Departments. Halmat is also famous after kel because it is the center of residence for the tourists. From Halmat tourists can visit Nikron apart with Halmat, Karim Abad and “Two-but” the most beautiful Village ever.

Halmat Neelum Valley is the the border village about 49 kilometers ahead of Kel, is a fascinating but unexplored sight Janawai, Sardari and Halmat are the most beautiful places of this area. A tourist rest house has been constructed of Halmat to provide accommodation facilities to the visitors.

(Note): Some tourist places of Neelum valley are situated in the range of line of control, therefore, sometimes it becomes difficult to visit these areas. So before to visit the valley the visitors are requested to get information from the tourism office.

See few pictures of Halmat Neelum Valley

Sajjad Sarwar

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