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Gurase Valley in District Neelum Azad Kashmir is the most captivating but remote and backward area of the Neelum valley situated in the north-east of the Muzaffarbad, the capital city of Azad Kashmir. This area is the heart of sustainable tourism in Azad Kashmir because of its lush green natural beauty.

It is stippled in many sub-valleys from the Kail to Taubutt. The area is full of marvelous flora and fauna and enriched with natural resources like rivers, natural springs, forest and minerals. There is a number of rare species in Gurase Valley which are now at the last breath due to illegal hunting, deforestation and habitat degradation. Govt. of Azad Kashmir has declared the valley as a national park to protect and wise use of Natural resources for the conservation and income generation of local community.

This village is about 38 kilometers from Kel. From Kel to forward jeep able road is available for Halmet, the valley above the Kel is also called Grace valley with its harsh and frozen weather in winter season, people have a typical life style. Halmet has fascinating beautiful scenes yet unexplored. Janwai, Phulawai, Sardari and Halmet are the most beautiful places around here.

Nikron valley:

Nikron valley is the name given to Neelum Valley at Nikron.It is the place one worth visiting and is far away from the commercial tourism destinations and relatively save from deforestation thats make it so special for a nature love. It is deep into the upper Neelum valley. It appears that, especially on the other side of the river that no human ever walked there. The only transport that gets there are the local jeeps.


A beautiful village comes while going from kel to taobut.


The border village about 49 kilometers ahead of Kel is a fascinating but unexplored sight. The area from Kel to Taobat is called the Halmat. Janawai, Sardari and Halmat are the most beautiful places of this area. A tourist rest house has been constructed at Halmat to provide accommodation facilities to the visitors. The drive itself is slow as the road is a dirt track, crossing streams and waterfalls. It almost takes 4 hours to reach this place from Kel. You can also start seeing some glaciers melting into the Neelum River. This is the last hamlet before you reach the LOC.

Tao Butt:

Tao butt is the last station and end point of Neelum valley. Tao Butt is an example of vegetation generosity of the liberal nature. The spot is donned with all delicacies and niceties. Nature flirts here with fantastic environment.

It has a sever season and heavy snow in winter, and winter season continue about 6 months strarting from October to April end. Often there is no signs of path due to land sliding and flooded water streams. In summer it is a worth place for tourist to visit. Neelum river emerges from here in the valley and continue its journey till Domail. People of this area are hard working, they store their food and food for animal for 4 months and passed their time in homes or go to other areas for working, usually male members of this area go to other areas for winter and earn there and come back in summer to cultivate thier crops.

Tao butt has few red roof huts comprise this town which when seen from a high ground remind you of the calendar pictures of Switzerland. The area itself is in LOC zone (Line Of Control) which has been created during the ongoing dispute between Pakistan and India. To get here you need to get permission from the Pakistan Army and Original CNIC must be submitted at the Check Post and then on your way back you will collect it.

Gureze Valley – Neelum Valley

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